Mapa distancia Madrid - Estados Unidos: 8.000 Kilómetros

Our story began

with a Spanish boy wanting to practice English and an American girl wanting to learn more Spanish.

We met

on an online language exchange platform. We sent each other a request to become language partners, and then set an appointment to meet.


December 12th 2015

was the first time we saw each other over Skype. We talked for almost 2 hours that first day, and we enjoyed it so much that we started talking more often, and also sent messages every day.

Nuestra amistad empezó a crecer

Our friendship

grew to such an extent that we began wanting to be together. In January, after praying and seeing it more clearly, we declared our feelings to each other. After that, we officially became an online couple!

Avión volando

We starteed planning

a trip to meet each other during the summer. We couldn’t wait to see each other! The day finally arrived, and, after 16 hours of flying, we finally met at the airport. It was a dream come true!

Nuestra foto en París

We spent 2 weeks

together in the United States, and a month in Spain, England and France, with our families. It was such a special time!

Forever together

We said goodbye

at the airport, after having been together for a month and a half. Although we had to part for the time being, we were confident that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together

And from this moment

we have been working hard in order to see each other again. But, for this, we will need your help. Would you like to support us?

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